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We use cutting-edge techniques to achieve fluency.



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Speako is a platform to treat stuttering. A revolutionary platform that changes the rules of the game and transforms the old and embarrassing experience of therapy into an enjoyable, challenging, and innovative one. While stuttering cannot be cured, speech fluency can be improved through a combination of technical and emotional therapy.

Our platform integrates everyone - the child, the parents, and the speech therapist, and allows a continuous practice based on the treating model.
We take into consideration all factors, we stay updated with ongoing research and therapy methods, and constantly update our application.

We have arrived at a new era, and it's time for the world of therapy to progress accordingly.
Our platform enables the children to enjoy the therapy method and continue practicing even remotely. Meanwhile, as parents, you can monitor and track their progress and stay actively involved in it.

With our unique therapy method, children can embark on a fun-filled journey of self-improvement, where games and challenges help them develop speech fluency skills in an enjoyable and rewarding way. Speako transforms the traditional therapy experience into an exciting and dynamic process that sparks children's curiosity and enhances their motivation to practice and improve their speech fluency.

Our innovative platform utilizes cutting-edge techniques and personalized approaches to help children build effective communication skills and achieve lasting results. We use the newest technologies, such as AI and more.
Speako is committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in stuttering therapy, continuously refining our platform to provide the best possible support for our users.

With Speako, therapy becomes a playful and engaging experience, empowering children to overcome their challenges and improve their speech fluency with confidence.
Join our community and discover a new way to approach stuttering therapy - one that is modern, interactive, and effective.



How does Speako treat stuttering?

Well, we can't reveal all our secrets, but rest assured that we use the latest technology, combined with engaging games and proven modern treatment methods. The treatment experience becomes enjoyable and challenging, to the point that even you, as parents, might want to practice it!

Can stuttering be cured with your treatment?

Stuttering cannot be cured, and if someone told you otherwise, they probably don't understand enough. Recent research is still trying to decipher the cause of stuttering, and maybe even a medication, but until then, there are several treatment methods that can help improve speech fluency.


Can I trust you?

You'll probably discover it for yourself, but rest assured, our team consists of top-notch professionals - experts in stuttering treatment, people who stutter themselves, and professional game developers.

How can I monitor my child's progress?

The app is designed to track treatment progress, identify improvements, and measure practice times. In the parent and therapist interface, you can see progress and monitor remotely.

What is the basis of your treatment model?

Our treatment model is based on the integration of two approaches:

technical and emotional treatment. Along with practicing treatment methods, we also incorporate games to strengthen self-confidence.

Is Speako suitable for remote treatment?

Absolutely, the treatment can be done with a speech therapist, alone at home, with parents, or through our shared community of children who also struggle with stuttering.


Can I try it out?

Of course, download the app now and enjoy one free game. If you like it, there are many more to choose from. With a variety of engaging games based on different methods, playing multiple games can yield even better results.

As a speech therapist, will it help me with my therapy?

Absolutely! The application is designed primarily for you and will serve as a therapeutic tool. You can even create games on your own. Want to hear more? Contact us!

What ages is the app intended for?

Currently, the app is designed for kids up to 14 years old. However, rest assured that we have plans to make it accessible to anyone who stutters!


Our team brings a unique blend of expertise in Gaming, Design, and stuttering, allowing us to create innovative and engaging solutions that are tailored to the needs of our audience.

Raz Malka

Founder and CEO

Lior Ben Porat

UX/UI Desinger

Mor Ophir

Head of Design

Asaf Dangoor

Software Developer

Eden Nissan

Unity Developer

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Lior Rishti


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