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Delete User Request

The process of deleting a user from our app involves a few simple steps to ensure the accuracy and security of the request. When a user decides to delete their account, they need to initiate the process by providing us with their registered email or phone number, along with their name for verification purposes. This step helps us confirm the identity of the user and ensures that only authorized individuals can delete their accounts.

Once we receive the deletion request and verify the user's identity, our system records the request for further action. It is important to note that the deletion process is not automatically executed by our system. Instead, it involves manual human labor to carefully review and validate each deletion request individually.

Our team, dedicated to safeguarding user data and privacy, thoroughly examines the request to ensure its legitimacy and adherence to our policies. After confirmation, the manual process of account deletion is carried out, during which the user's personal information, including their account data, is permanently removed from our database.

By employing this human-involved approach, we prioritize the security and accuracy of the account deletion process, giving our users the assurance that their data is being handled with the utmost care. Though this manual aspect may introduce a slight delay, it further guarantees that each account removal is diligently managed to uphold the privacy standards we hold dear.


We value the privacy and security of our users, and by providing a straightforward process for account deletion, we aim to make sure users have full control over their data and experience while using our app. If there are any concerns or questions regarding the deletion process, our support team is readily available to assist users throughout the procedure.


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